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With all the things I desperately wish were imported into Australia from America Cheerios, drive-through espresso stands, and honest-to-goodness Mexican food , Hooters is somewhere near the bottom of that ever-loving list, right above the broken health care system.

We spoke up — single people, married people, religious people, non-religious people, people with sons, people with daughters, young women, old women, young men, old men. A whole slew of us spoke up. And you know what we were called? It worries me profoundly that we live in an era where legitimate concerns about the welfare of women are tossed out of the arena and labeled as irrelevant and outdated. This is about putting a halt to the normalization of sexual exploitation around the dinner table.

This kind of a comment demonstrates how desensitized we have all become. Sure, Hooters is just one of a million examples of scantily clad women used as marketing fuel to lure in male clientele and reinforce to women that their worth is sourced from how much sexual arousal they can garner. Hooters is not the enemy here. Hooters is a small little pawn in the global movement of the exploitation of women that has been going on since the beginning of time.

What baffles me most is that as some areas of liberty grow for women, it seems others are reverting back to shadows of a male-dominated society that most any forward-thinking person that is actually thinking would deem foul, unjust, and degrading. Yes, I am a feminist. I am happily married and not anti-establishment.

I have been a career woman, a stay-at-home mom, and a working mom and I know that none of those positions define me as a woman or make me better or less than another woman. We have to ditch the old stereotypes of feminism and embrace it for what it really is. Feminism is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as: So by definition, yes, I am a feminist and I am of the deep belief that the world needs many, many more men and women who can and will advocate on behalf of girls and women being treated with the dignity and equality they deserve.

It matters that we fight for the dignity of all — men, women, and children. A place like Hooters undermines that fight, plain and simple. Can someone help me understand because it seems so clear to me? This post is part of a series called 31 Days of Women Empowering Women. See hundreds of incredible 31Days projects here.

Adriel Booker is a writer, speaker, and advocate. Originally a tree-hugger from Oregon, Adriel and her husband co-lead an inner city missions community and non-profit in Sydney, Australia. She writes about motherhood and parenting, miscarriage and loss, faith and spirituality, social justice and women's issues, and is passionate about politics, the beach, cities, world travel, jazz records, and—of course—emojis.

Sign up for LoveNotes , a Little Letter from Adriel delivered straight to your inbox every month or two. Practical advice for somethings Part 2 of 2. Growing friendships in the season of mothering littles Hard, but worth it. I went to a Hooters as a tween i think…was pretty young with my family on vacation. I got up and left mid-meal because I thought it was disgusting.

Thanks for this important post! Time for some favorite things. Go your year-old self!! A young mum shares her breast cancer story. What an amazing blog post, Adriel. And thank you so much for saying these words and for saying them SO well.

They care about money, plain and simple. Blessings, Tim Tim recently posted.. I am right there with you Adriel! But, using the female body to sell things is disgusting and does nothing good for the self image or self worth or protection of any woman. I fully agree with you Bob. Our children see enough with television being half dressed and some nudity on television now. Not to mention it is very degrading……….. Love Yourself — Is that buried within the Greatest Commandment?

And, it does make me angry — the women who want to work there and the men who want to go there and the children who have no choice if their parents take them. This culture values breasts over family? How idiotic is that?! No wonder no one takes feminists seriously, or views them as anything besides the evil little bigots and prudes they are.

I can only speculate why you felt you needed to leave it anonymously. Made me laugh, Adriel! Megan at SortaCrunchy recently posted.. Fit and Festive Challenge! Thank you for the article and I do totally agree with your points. However, if you are writing to appeal to the Australian public can you use Australian spelling for mum not American.

That is a pretty arrogant reply Adriel. You may be American, but in Australia we use Australian English. How is writing in my own language arrogant? That would go over well!

I would sound like an absolute train wreck!!! In my previous comment to Helen I told her that she gave constructive feedback that I absolutely agree with if I am writing to an Australian audience I should use Australian spelling — YES and I am grateful to her for making the good suggestion. I write to an international audience with a large contingent from the States. Are You a Leader or a Manager?

How Leadership Changes Our Parenting. I like how Angela gave a link that basically shows how leftist deal with criticism, by playing one of the following:. But anyway Hooters is going ahead despite the complaints, only a handful actually from local residents, the rest loony activists from other parts of the country and world. At the time of writing this post, I had lived in Townsville for six years.

Among the fields of gold Losing my baby in Italy. Again you just decide to make out those who refuse to agree with your position must be uneducated or ill informed or did not read the whole post or have comprehension problems, pretty standard stuff for lefty feminists. Hooters got up because it is the right thing, the people have spoken you lost, Burrows lost and Collective Shout lost. Thanks for putting into words what many feel and believe.

As someone passionate about seeing sex-slavery end, the hearts of people toward women and their value needs to change. It starts with the little things. If you dont like the conditions of the contract, dont work there.

Im sure you have never batted your eyes, or used your feminine guile to get your way from a male? Ive been to hooters on the gold coast, for my girlfriends birthday. It was tasteful and fun and nothing like what people like you have made out that the place is like. It was no different than any other middle class restaurant as far as the dress code goes, heck women dress more provocatively just going to the shopping centre or for a night on the town..

Could this article be fabricated out of jealousy?? First of all, thank you for voicing your pro-Hooters opinion without being rude about it. And to me, those are the issues that need addressing. Hooters is just a part of that. And lastly, no, there is not an iota of jealously in me. What ever happened to the phrase live and let live. If someone else wants to do something that you dont like, what gives you the right to tell them they cant do it, or go to massive lengths to try to stop it, such as writing a blog on a website.

Unfortunately this world has become a mess due to the pathetic political correctness of people like yourself. Because of the so called do gooders, we cant discipline children in fear of prosecution. A smack on the bum never hurt us when we were growing up and we learned how to have respect for others. This restaurant brand is harmless, and seriously has nothing to do with you.

If a woman wants to flaunt what she has, why shouldnt she be allowed to and get paid for it. Perhaps your time would be much better spent getting on the band wagon of something much more important. You are making a mountain out of a molehill.

We have the right to make our own choices, what makes you the one to make our choices for us? I thought perhaps it a very small offering and actually wondered if I should be doing more.

No, Warren, it is more the far right religions pushing their agenda. People can only be exploited if they LET themselves be exploited. This is what you have to contribute Christine? I guess then African-American slaves let themselves be exploited, and indigenous Australians, and Native Americans, and sweat shop workers, children trafficked into the sex trade, and…..

I bet you think all prostitution is sex slavery and trafficking too, no woman could ever willingly enter prostitution right?

That despite the fact that most actually do, and the majority of trafficking is for manual labour not sex work.

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