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Lesbian sex stories feature sexy tales of women who love other women. These can be first time lesbians, women who are into group lesbian sex, or just women in love with other women. Feel free to post your lesbian stories here for others to enjoy and embellish. The city was slowly beginning to apply its autumn make up, tinting parks and gardens in all possible shades of yellow and russet.

Alice loved that time of year with its symphony of colors and wasn't in a hurry to see it replaced by the white shawl that would unavoidably cover New York in a couple of months, turning cars into cartoon vehicles and Alice looked at the clock on the opposite wall.

She suddenly realized that she had been reading and rereading the same page over and over again for the last thirty minutes without understanding a single sentence. I think everyone will agree; buying a bra is the worst! They come in hundreds of sizes and styles, and none of them ever fit. And nobody makes one my size. Last week, I went after work to try to buy a bra. I went to one of the national I am a traveller of both time and space.

My eyes circle in the darkness, no light permeates tightly closed lids. Exhaustion nails my stricken body to the damp bedding, aching limbs, immobilised through over exertion. The cold sweat of coming down leaks from every pore of my broken body. Stale putrid air fills the room as my breath rasps in the back of my throat.

Running my tongue over Mary had had a long, tiring week at work. So, when her friends asked her to go out to a bar with them, she was hesitant, but somehow they dragged her along anyway. Eventually, it was only her and her best friend, Sarah who were left. Sarah had been eyeing a guy for the past half hour, and though Mary didn't get how she always seemed to want to go home with a man, she could tell the only The day crawls, the minutes creep by so slowly.

I long not to be here, willing the five o'clock rush for the door. The office is quiet, the weekend beckons. I look at my phone, re-reading your message. Will be home when you get here xx. Well, when you aren't working, Callie left her home and went to visit her friend Lucy. She was delighted to update her about her boyfriend Lance, and their plans to wed soon. Lucy was happier about it than Callie had expected her to be.

So tender, so loving. I had the best orgasm ever! I hope you stay I sat on the balcony of my hotel and gazed out to the beach below. The light blue water of the Indian ocean lapped gently at the golden sands of the resort's own private beach, "Good morning, Miss Jane. It seemed like a lifetime ago yet it had not even been an hour since the Dean had caught her masturbating in the university library.

I am coach's gofer. As always, the two girls, who were obsessed with modelling, had started performing on It is a quiet night, but for the wind. The Santa Anas' have begun blowing, fanning the inevitable brush fires, leaving the air scented with smoke and desert sage. The last glow of sunlight is fading away and the half moon is already bright in its rising arc.

In the broad alley, an elegant Asian woman is enjoying a leisurely evening stroll, her dogs leading the way. When I walked in the flat was dark. I walked straight through into the kitchen, opened the fridge and poured myself a glass of white wine. I carried it through into the sitting room and turned on the low lights. Libby was sitting in a deeply upholstered armchair, her short hair I excitedly put the rest of the white wine in the ice bucket on the table next to the cheese tray.

I am hosting a few girls for appetizers and wine, and as a mother of two, I rarely get to entertain or spend time with my friends like this. Coach is off to a staff meeting, so it's only me and whoever is having a fit about eight aisles down.

Channeling my inner Adams, I gather up a handful of towels and make my way to the eruption. I find her in the aisle just before Varsity It all started as a silly joke. My girlfriend Jennifer and I had been invited to a hen weekend for a friend from work. Someone in the group decided to organise surprise gifts, everyone was to buy something suitably smutty and sexual to be presented to the bride to be during the evening.

Jen informed me of a new sex store that had just opened in the next town, and we decided to go and Well, I lied, I do have morals, but they can, at best, be described as loose. My new customers, Jenn and her husband Roy, had clearly led me astray. Jenn and I had worked closely together, with Roy just putting his oar in When I helped out a local bordello, I earned the whores' gratitude along with a double penetration.

In my current job, I spend a lot of time visiting the social fringes and taking care of other people's problems, making sure that by and large, things are going well in society. It's not the most fascinating job in the world, but at least it lets me be my own boss. I get to go out and meet actual people that way and I feel that I'm actually doing something good, however small that might Janice had been watching the lady at the bar for what seemed like hours.

In reality, it was probably only ten minutes. Ten minutes of intense observation in which nothing went unnoticed. She turned her head only slightly to watch the doorman, standing at the entrance of the hotel in his top hat and tails, opening the fingerprint-free, floor to ceiling glass door for the wealthy couple This year she had a young gal from the Midwest in her marketing group. She was eager to learn and seemed to really enjoy the mentoring relationship with my wife Michelle.

During a conversation one day while out to lunch, as they were discussing college life, social activities, dating Laurie pushed open the entrance door to her apartment complex, pausing to admire her new haircut in the polished glass. Her straight blonde hair falling down past her shoulders. As she headed towards the lift, the concierge attracted her attention.

She walks me to the front door, and says in a very soft, almost unable to be heard, voice. The woman who I had spent two years submitting to online. The woman who had captivated my very mind, heart, soul, and body within two months of being Hers.

No matter how nervous, anxious or scared I was, I waited in the suite we would share while at the celebration. I hoped Vikki liked everything. I moved the flowers I brought to the center of the table. I rubbed my hands on my wool slacks Having just moved to New Jersey, I am considerably lost with all of the streets and how to find my way around.

I left California just under a week ago due to my job. Of course, I took it in hopes of meeting the woman I had been with for almost two years. If you think the Megabus is bad, you should try taking the bus from Oaxaca into Chiapas, south-east Mexico.

Twelve hours of trying not to vomit in the blistering oppressive heat. When the shaking and rolling finally stopped, I staggered away from the road and lay in the undergrowth for a while, enjoying the stillness. According to the map I still had to trek down into the valley where I I sat on the large couch in the middle of the great room of the suite, slowly sipping my coffee. My legs were pulled up in a fetal position with my arms wrapped securely around them. I felt so tired from only getting a couple of hours of sleep, yet my mind was whirling almost uncontrollably as I mentally replayed the events of the previous evening.

In the short time, I had been with James, For now, I'm watching you, but my mind tends to trail off. I can't help but watch the way you move as you pull back your hair. Elizabeth Fleming told me some of this story in the years before she died, aged eighty, in The more graphic scenes are mine but the emotions and surrounding history are hers. She was my Great Aunt, great in so many ways for she was the third family member I ever revealed my sexuality to, the first two being my parents. I had known since girlhood that she shared a cottage in Hampshire Sure, when it came to a casual fuck, I was in the market, though decreasingly so; the law of diminishing returns had set in when it came to submissive cunts; it was fun, but done properly, it was demanding in time and energy, and the first was in short supply,

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