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Black man jacking off
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Black man jacking off
Black man jacking off Black man jacking off
Black man jacking off Black man jacking off
Free gay porn Black videos provided by Gay Man Flicks. New tube clips added every day. XVIDEOS Jacking off a huge clit free - the best free porn videos on internet, % free. My mind was blown yesterday. I was cleaning my teen son's room yesterday while he was gone and noticed.
Black man jacking off Black man jacking off

By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Sep 15, by anonymous views comments. My mind was blown yesterday. I was cleaning my teen son's room yesterday while he was gone and noticed his laptop was left on. Being a nosey mom I started digging and was shocked when I found a folder with hundreds of pics of me. Everything from basic topless, to spreading my pussy to me sucking and fucking.

It took me all of 3 seconds to recognize where they came from. My husband takes lots of pics of me with his phone and a few months ago he got a new phone. The old phone has been laying on a table in our room every since and there are hundreds and hundreds of pictures on it. No doubt my son got it unlocked and copied them to his laptop.

My first thought was to delete them, but I didn't want him to know I was being nosey and searching his private stuff. I then thought I should talk to him about it, but I don't want to shame him. I ended up deciding to do nothing and let him keep them since he has already seen them anyway. To be honest, I find it a bit arousing that he is seeing them. Later when he came home he went straight to his room. I made my way toward his room still thinking of saying something when I heard him quietly talking.

I listened closely and I heard him saying "Show me those big tits mom" and "That's it, spread wide for me" and I could hear the swish-swish of him stroking his cock. I couldn't believe it. He was jacking off to pics of me! Moments later I heard him say "I am gonna shoot. Do you want it on your tits? My face was flushed, I felt ashamed for listening in, but I was enjoying that he was enjoying my pics.

Now I can't stop thinking about it. I don't know what to do. If he is of age start leaving thing open for him to see accidently on purpose. Like the door to your room or bathroom or even let your robe fall open in front of him, or even let your pussy open to him on the sofa like you fell asleep and see if he acts on the invitation.

I busted my son with my wifes not his mum nickers half on her dildo in his ass wanking in front of the mirror, I walked in just as he blew. I just smiled and said hope ya gona clean that up, then walked out, it made me horny as hell.

He already gets a pretty good show around the house. When I get home from work I always strip down and usually just toss on some short-shorts and a thin shirt or wife-beater with no bra.

Make sure the two of you are alone, wear the wife beater, no bra, shorts, no panties, then get him up to his room and tell him what you heard. Reach over and massage his cock through his jeans and tell him how much it turned you on to listen to him cumming while thinking of you. Then ask him if he'd really like to shoot it on your tits or in your mouth, maybe in your pussy? You'll both have a great time! I'll send you some dirty pics cause I know you like seeing teenage cock.

OMG people stop giving such horrible advice. Talk to him about it, doesnt matter if it shames him. This needs stopping now, incest is not ok. And encouraging a mum to take advantage of it. You people should be ashamed! I had sex with my mom for years. It was some of the best sex I've ever had! If you have any sort of motherly love for the little boy you raised, you won't act on your thoughts. You'll damage him, and you'll damage your relationship with him.

Speak to him about it, or have your husband do it. He can get help. I hope things go right for you. I want to see those pics too if you want cover your face. How about you take some more pics and leave your cell around where he sees it and you leave and come back hours later and see if he saw them or copy them to his laptop.

I have no intentions of having sex with him or molesting him. I am way above that. With that said, he is going to look at naked pictures no matter what. If it isn't pictures of me then it will be of some other woman or girl.

Is it really that harmful to let him keep the pics? I think its so hot you're liking the fact he's jerking off to pics of you. I hope the same thing happens with my sons and my wife. It excites me to imagine her sucking their hard cocks while she rubs her clit and they squeeze her tits. God, swallow every drop of his load. I mean clearly he finds you arousing You can text me a couple picsw and I'll tell you what I think?? Did you get excited knowing that your son jerks off looking at your pics.

I would really like to chat with your about this situation to get a better grasp of the prespective from the other side. THe real freaks come out around here don't they? To the original poster: Tell him you shouldnt know each other that way, and tell him you love him. Don't let these fantasies dominate your mind. Just look on the bright side of it.

At least they aren't pictures of his brother or some other guy. At least he is interested in women, though wrongfully you. Im 40 yo married man I still jack off thinking about my mum, she is the sexyest woman ever, As a teen I would sneak a look while her bf was fucking her, and spy in her in the shower, she busted me a few times.

She just looked the other way. Doesnt it make you sexually excited to think of him? Have you masturbated thinking of him? Reconsider maybe fulfill his fantasy! What you should do is you and your son should now start going by your full names, including your middle names only you should hyphenate them, so as to give off a nice hillbilly ring to your names that rolls of the tongue ever so scummy.

That way when you're in public, everybody will assume as soon as they hear your name that you're both trash, which they wouldn't be wrong obviously. I have never had sex with mom but I have touch her a lot and lick her and she has gave me a hand job my penis has touch her huge clit to a few time giving each other massages in the past.

I'm a single mom raising a teenage boy, their hormones are out of control, they will do anything to a women's body naked. I caught my son sneaking into my room, and lifting the covers while I sleep.

I woke up one night when he tried to pull my panties to the side. I pretended to be asleep, to see what he was gonna do, after he got my panties over, he took his finger and ran it up and down in between my vagina. I was so shocked, I started wearing jeans to bed, I didn't know how to approach my son on this matter. Wearing jeans to bed isn't the answer. He clearly has feelings for you so you shouldn't shut him out. I'm not suggesting you entice him by not wearing anything but he is clearly materbating to you every night.

Watching you when you change, shower, etc. More than you realize. My advice is to let it play out. The day he pulled your panties over, nothing more happened. Doesn't mean anything more will. Wearing jeans will only make him try harder. Well, if you don't want to have sex with him then do nothing. I had many fantasies about my mom, aunt, sister, etc. Jerked off to it those thoughts several times yet I never acted on it.

If he starts hitting on you then that's a different story but if you really don't want anything to go further than do nothing otherwise I will give you different advice.

Having sex with your son, if he wants to, will not screw him up. My son and I have given each other pleasure, off and on, for over 25 years. One that we both cherish. What u need to do is, teach him how great a real pussy feels like.

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